"Tropical Blend" Coffee

"Tropical Blend" Coffee

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Dress up your Pantry, Shelves, Bar or Cupboards with Stylish Shag designed packaged ground coffee! Psst: You can even hide the cheap stuff (you might drink everyday) behind it. ;)

This blend of Arabica beans, with hints of coconut and banana, was created to transport you to the South Seas.


  • Includes one 12 ounce bag of coffee
  • Ground for easy brewing
  • Medium-Light Roast Arabica Beans
  • 12 oz in each bag

Note from Expedition Roasters:

Our coffees are made from selectively sourced premium and specialty grade arabica beans which provide the absolute best flavor and aroma. Select roasts come directly from a single estate farm for a truly perfect cup. We roast using state-of-the-art smaller batch methods to provide a consistent flavor with no bitter aftertaste.

Our coffees are certified Gluten Free and Allergen Free. Our flavored coffees are produced from flavoring using natural and natural like extracts with no added carbohydrates or sugars.

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 Made in the USA