"The Monumental Match" Unframed Print
"The Monumental Match" Unframed Print

"The Monumental Match" Unframed Print

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"The Monumental Match"

After releasing the Kingu Monsuta print, TOHO Studios, legendary creators of Godzilla and many other kaiju films, gave Shag exclusive permission to create his very own monster in our official 2021 San Diego Comic-Con fine art print release, The Monumental Match.  

Sing: "His Three Shows Again and Again..."


    • Size of Print:
      • Unframed - approx30" x 18.75" (approx. 76cm x 48cm)
    • 13 Color, Hand-Pulled, Silk-Screened, Serigraph Print - provides 13 passes of bright ink colors for added depth and better color saturation
    • Edition of 200 prints - all hand signed & numbered by Shag himself to prevent fraud and avoid the trend of machine signing & numbering 
    • Thick fine art cotton rag paper to ensure archival inks perform to their full potential and provide a sturdy safe background for your image
    • To view The Monumental Match print in our exclusive framing options, Click Here!

    Shipping for The Monumental Match is unavailable for Japan

    Published 2021
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