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"The Moving Picture" Fine Art Print | Hollywood Sign's 100th Anniversary | ©️ Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

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Color: Unframed Print
HOLLYWOOD ®️ and design ©️ 2023 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. All rights reserved.
Published 2023

The Moving Picture Fine Art Print | Hollywood Sign's 100th Anniversary | ©️ Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Celebrate the legacy of the Hollywood Sign with Shag's (Josh Agle) The Moving Picture Fine Art Print! For 100 years, the sign has graced the hills of Hollywood, representing the movie magic produced over the decades.  

Featured as part of its official celebration by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Shag's stunning artwork marks the monumental milestone of the iconic sign's 100th Anniversary. Let this fine art print move you to cinematic nostalgia and fun as it hangs proudly in your favorite room!  

Fine Art Giclee on Paper

Giclee fine art printing uses a precision laser printer and premium inks that print on archival paper specially prepared to retain the high-quality inks, giving your Shag artwork the ability to provide lifetimes of enjoyment!


Unframed: 60" x 15.5" (152.4cm x 39.4cm)

Framed: 67" x 22" (170.2cm x 55.9cm)

All dimension measurements are approximations

Framed with One of Our Custom Fabric Liners

Choose between one of our custom fabric liner colors for your framed fine art print:

  • Grass Green
  • Iris
  • Purple
  • Emerald

All custom fabric liners for this fine art print have been hand-picked by Shag to help give you options when curating your space.

Limited Edition of 200

Created as a limited edition of 200 fine art prints to protect the long-term print value. Once the fine art print has sold out, it will not be recreated in the future.

Hand Signed & Numbered by Shag (Josh Agle)

The artist, Shag, has signed and numbered each fine art print of this edition by hand. When facing, his signature can be found in the right bottom corner. The bottom left corner has the fine art print number with the size of the edition. The number will match the Certificate of Authenticity assigned to each individual fine art print in the edition.

Accompanying Certificate of Authenticity

Every fine art print in this edition has a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for your provenance. All of our framed fine art prints have a transparent pocket attached to the back allowing you to keep the Certificate of Authenticity paired with your Shag print, if you desire.

Exclusive Custom Framing

Our custom framing is done with the utmost care and precision - each piece is done by hand by experienced craftsmen using the highest quality wood, vibrant color fabric liners, & plexiglass. Our custom framing is only available through The Shag Store, so you can be sure you're receiving the best quality frame.

Signed by the Artist

This fine art print edition is signed & numbered by Shag. Fine art prints purchased with our custom framing also come titled by the artist.

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